The two-dimensional scanning module is embedded in the self-service terminal to realize scan code payment

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At present, two-dimensional code scanning payment has become the mainstream method of domestic mobile payment.

  At present, two-dimensional code scanning payment has become the mainstream method of domestic mobile payment. Scanning payment not only impacts the traditional payment industry structure, but also promotes the industrial upgrading of payment terminals. Nowadays, self-service terminals in all walks of life are in full swing. The "QR code scanning module" integrates data collection and bar code recognition technology to realize scan code payment, thereby improving the level of digital operation and corporate competitiveness. Under the growing domestic demand for code scanning payment, the embedded two-dimensional scanning module has brought new opportunities to the self-service terminal production industry, such as self-service equipment, consumer machines, financial POS machines, bus card readers, ticket gates and other payment terminals Ushered in a comprehensive upgrade.

  It is understood that the embedding of two-dimensional scanning modules in traditional self-service terminals is not only the integration of unilateral payment functions, but also the embodiment of refined operations. In terms of hardware, traditional payment devices embed a QR code scanning module to ensure the integration of original functions, and use its barcode scanning and data transmission performance to expand the scanning payment function; and in terms of software, after upgrading the original cash register system, it will be connected to Alipay, The WeChat payment interface realizes the seamless connection between online and offline, and for merchants, it can provide big data analysis for consumption decisions based on background data.

  All in all, with the transformation of the payment industry and the ever-changing management needs of merchants, traditional payment terminal manufacturers will further expand their demand for QR code scanning modules. At present, a single traditional terminal itself can be integrated with various scanning payment channels such as Alipay and WeChat payment by embedding a two-dimensional scanning module and combining software interfaces, bringing convenient experience to both merchants and consumers. Customers only need to Show the mobile phone payment code to pay quickly. In addition, the hardware advantages of the two-dimensional code scanning module can also help the barcode collection and data transmission of terminal equipment.


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