Two-dimensional code scanning module, smart device manufacturers must choose

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Today, with more and more "smart +" scene entrances, more and more smart device manufacturers are beginning to apply QR code scanning modules to actual projects, and this is quietly changing under the blessing of the Internet.

  Today, with more and more "smart +" scene entrances, more and more smart device manufacturers are beginning to apply QR code scanning modules to actual projects, and this is quietly changing under the blessing of the Internet. As a barcode reading engine that senses and recognizes two-dimensional code data, it solves the problem of information collection and data transmission in a certain sense, endows the terminal device with the feature of "scanning code", and also improves the convenience and convenience of users. experiential. At present, the QR code scanning module has been widely used in many fields and industries, such as mobile payment, public transportation, ticket inspection, intelligent manufacturing, logistics warehousing, education security and other fields, and has become a powerful tool in the direction of intelligent development. Then we analyze from its industry application, why do smart device manufacturers choose QR code scanning modules?

  (1) The two-dimensional code module can be used in the research and development of new products

  The two-dimensional code module is a relatively mature section in the field of automatic identification. At present, product development projects in many fields must use it to automatically scan and read one-dimensional/two-dimensional code information on paper, mobile phones and other media and decode and data Transfer work to achieve the function of self-service scanning, thereby improving work efficiency and data operation level, while providing users with a good experience. For example, the QR code scanning payment technology used in the popular bus QR code reader in the past two years is to implant the QR code scanning module solution in the form of a new product to improve the bus operation capability to another level. Grade, but also provides more convenience for people.

  (2) The smart handheld device is replaced with a two-dimensional code scanning module with higher recognition accuracy

  Smart handheld devices are an industry that was earlier applied to automatic identification barcode scanning solutions. By installing the two-dimensional code reading module on the handheld computer, it solves the problems of high labor intensity, low efficiency, error-prone, repeated data entry and processing delay, and heavy workload in traditional operations, thereby improving the accuracy of data collection. In practical applications, the integrated scanning modules embedded in many handheld terminals are relatively inferior, and it is difficult to read QR codes in environments such as incomplete, damaged, strong or weak light, which seriously affects the customer experience; in order to solve this problem , Some powerful handheld terminal manufacturers will make targeted upgrades and improvements, and replace them with QR code scanning modules with higher reading accuracy and professional scanning of paper and mobile phone screen codes.

  (3) A QR code recognition module that is more in line with the experience promotes the intelligent evolution of traditional self-service terminals

  Nowadays, seemingly ordinary self-service terminals are becoming more and more intelligent. Many brand self-service equipment manufacturers have begun to base themselves on the core needs of customers, adding QR code scanning module solutions on the basis of retaining the original equipment functions, and integrating intelligent experience in many fields, such as embedding scanning modules in self-service The ticket gate can easily scan the QR code on the mobile phone, and transmit the QR code data to the ticketing system for identity verification, thereby expanding the value-added service of "scanning the code to open the door"; for example, on the vending machine Embedded in the "payment sensing area" is a two-dimensional code recognition module, which can intelligently sense and identify mobile phone payment codes for self-service deduction, thereby expanding the "anti-scan code payment" function...


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