The two-dimensional barcode reading module is embedded in the subway and bus terminals to realize scanning and riding

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QR codes are widely used in a wide range of applications. At present, the number of scanned codes exceeds 160 million times per month.

  QR codes are widely used in a wide range of applications. At present, the number of scanned codes exceeds 160 million times per month. So today we will learn about the two-dimensional barcode reading module embedded in subway and bus terminals to realize scanning codes and rides. In some cities, when taking buses and subways, you can scan the "boarding code" on your mobile phone through the scanning terminal to complete the payment... At present, the self-developed two-dimensional barcode reading module and the bus and subway scanning code boarding solution are very mature. It is widely used in various payment scanning terminals. For example, the NLS-FM25-EX two-dimensional code scanning module is embedded and integrated in the subway gate, which solves the problem that people need to queue up to buy tickets when commuting to and from work due to lost, missing or no traffic cards. In addition, the NLS-FM25-EX is also embedded in the bus card reader, so there is no need to worry about running out of change for the bus.

  For bus and subway operators, the barcode scanning payment technology is mature, simple and convenient to operate, and the construction cost is low, which can greatly meet the diversified payment needs of different customers and greatly improve the service quality. In response to the demand for embedded scanning modules used to scan mobile phone screen codes, Envision has also launched a series of two-dimensional barcode scanning modules for smart devices based on 19 years of experience and resources in the barcode automatic identification industry, which can read and scan Mainstream one-dimensional, two-dimensional code information and user-defined barcodes. It is understood that NLS-FM25-EX is an embedded two-dimensional code reading engine equipped with a self-developed hardware decoding chip, which can easily read paper, plastic cards, LCD and other printed media and display media. Barcode, powerful performance; and we have also carried out a comprehensive optimization in terms of mobile adaptability, as long as the barcode is lightly shaken in front of NLS-FM25-EX, it can be read, which greatly improves the reliability of the product and greatly reduces the Product maintenance costs later. Most of its integrated design requires only a very small installation space and is very light in weight, which is very easy to be embedded in various OEM products, such as self-service ordering machines, bus payment all-in-one machines, subway ticket gates, smart access control , smart cabinets, etc.


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